Sooo…. I have a good working RSS importer on facebook now.

Sooo…. I put a message on facebook
” 30 april, what’ s up with that date ? “
and waited for replies. I was expecting three answers.
For Dutch people, it’s “Koninginnedag” (Queensday).
It’s the national day of the Netherlands. It’s the
Queen’s Mother’s Birthday.
A few days before 30 april. I was talking to Anna,
who lives in Sweden, on Facebook. She mentioned,
in Sweden, 30 april is Valborgsmässoafton.
That are two events on this date. But noone replied
that to my Facebook question. There was an other
answer I was expecting, and that’s the answer I
received on Facebook: Beltane.
(Spelling variations may exist, but this is the spelling
I found in my (dutch) books… but the english wikipedia
article also uses this spelling, so I use this spelling)
In the meantime, I also asked that question in the
BlaatSchaap Chatroom. Well… more or less… I posted
the link to facebook, and I was talking about it in the
chatroom. So, after I mentioned Koninginnedag and
Valborgsmässoafton, I mentioned Beltane.
Pieter replied like “Isn’t that like that Swedish thing?”
Well… that exactly was exactly what I was looking for.
That question on facebook, was, more or less, a preparation
for this blogpost. Allthough, most of you people didn’t
provide answers to my question.
Sooo…. what have we got? Beltane and Valborgsmässoafton:
What’s their connection? I think this is a good time to stop
typing and wait for some people to give their thoughts about
the connection.
And people, I do expect comments on this one ;)

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