Ya know what? At the moment, I am happy. Let’s hope
it stays that way for a while. As I wrote before, my life
is going up and down. But this is an ‘up’ moment.

Still… I am going to quote myself, something I’ve said
back in 2006, a dark time in my life. Back then, I said
“Sometimes it’s better to be depressed together then
to be happy alone”. Maybe today isn’t that day, but
think about it. Do you realise what it means? If so,
then I guess you would understand why I just said that.

The word ‘happy’ means two things, for which, in
the Dutch language we have two different words.
“Gelukkig” en “blij”. Maybe that’s a clue to what
that quote means… one can be ‘gelukkig’ without
being ‘blij’.

I would also like to quote a friend of mine, who once
said to me: “Being smart is a curse. Smart people think
fast, so they can think a lot. Too much thinking leads
to depression.”

Ya know what my friends, I wish I could show you
the world through my eyes. I wish I could show how
I see the world.

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