I promised this blogspot on facebook,
yesterday afternoon.

This post is related to my previous post,
and it’s about math. How are there
related? you might think.

Well… look at what a friend of mine
once said to me, about thinking. I guess
I need to keep thinking about other stuff.

I mean…. I suck at math. Why? Because in
my previous education, before university,
I hardly had any math. And you’ve seen the
results, I got a 3 for my math test.
(Grades are from 1 to 10, you need at least 6)

The thing is, the moment I understand it,
it becomes ‘fun’. I mean… then it becomes
fun to solve more equations. I mean…
it feels good to be able to solve it.

Ya know…. same goes for the current
BlaatSchaap site. I made that site
after I finished college
(HBO, Fontys University of Applied Science)

I mean… making progess, seeing it to
start working… the satisfaction to have
created something…. feels good.

But then I had this job at this company.
All I did was some stupid copy-pasting,
really, mind-numbing work. That made
me tired and depressed, and the only
thing that kept me going was thinking
about going to University.

Well… here I am, at university, right?
Not saying my life is perfect here, but
this is a lot better then that job I had.

But just looking back, at the time I
coded the BlaatSchaap site. Just coding
all day isn’t enough to keep me happy
either. I mean… it’s only a part of it.
After coding for a while, I really need
some social contact too. Coding too
much at one time makes me feel very

Having said this… maybe I should try
some activities again I once started,
but never continued. Lol. I once made
some drawings, they are on DeviantArt.

The thing is… only a few things I could
draw, and something else would just look
awfull… drawing the same every time
is boring.

Also, I was looking at some story I was
writing two years back. Thinking about
maybe continuing that.

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