Starting today, I am officially an University Student.

Had my first class today, and ya know what???
It feels good to sit in class again. I also got my new
laptop from the university. I had a little disagreement
with my laptop. At university, at the laptop desk, my
laptop was set-up with the university network. So
now I am using it at home, I tried to add my fingers
to the fingerscanner. It was complaining about some
security not enabled. It turned out, since I was trying
to add my fingers to an NT-domain account, I need to
connect to the university VPN first. Well, there was a
nice icon on my desktop, saying ‘Connect to VPN’.
But trying to connect always failed…. It turned out,
I needed to use the Cisco VPN icon in the start menu
in stead…. well… then what is that icon doing on my
desktop…. so far for a pre-installed system. Well…
Lazarus was pre-installed. Nice… if you don’t know
it, it’s a FreePascal based RAD-IDE. I am developing
my BlaatScrobble Application in it anyways.
I am rambling again, am I. Anyways… so… today…
my first day at university and I got a new toy to
play with. A new laptop, that needs to be tamed.
Oooooh… I should stop writing this blaat now,
I got to do my homework ;)

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