Untill Christmas, I have worked on the
website and I put it online just before
Christmas. The front page, the forums
and the photos have been improved.

As I have one free month before university

starts, I have been coding a bit the past days.
I have continued coding on the new BlaatBot
project. I suppose I have mentioned my plans
for this bot before. Completely modular. All
functionality loaded into libraries. As a result,
there is more overhead then in my older bots,
loading the libraries and parsing the data
between them, but in the end, it’s supposed
to be more flexible. So far, I think I have the
interfacing done, I hope, I won’t run into
missing stuff, but for now, I think I got
all protocol features I need supported.
So, now I am working on the first major
module, integration of the bot with the
website. So far, it can login and logout.
Well, more stuff will be added soon, but
I have done enough coding for today again.
Working on the bot integration, I will have
to add some more XML APIs to the website.
When the bot has enough features, I will
focus on the website again…. or… well..
maybe I should take a look at the libre.fm
client project first….
Anyways, that’ s it for now, thanks for
reading, cya next time.

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