So, I am working on my scrobbler application. So far so good.

As I mentioned before, when coding, I prefer to code for a *nix OS.
Windows coding seems so … weird…
So, I had the idea to write a dll in cygwin and load it in a windows
app, to avoid the weird WinSock API. When you code a basic IPv4
app, it’s almost the same, except for the fact WinSock needs to be
‘started’ before it can be used. When coding an application with
IPv6 support… you’ll find a lot of functions, like gethostbyname2,
missing from the windows world. Really, what are they thinking?
Oh well… the conclusion… writing a cygwin dll and trying to load
it in a windows app doesn’t seem to work. I have compiled the
code, without the IPv6 support, as a native windows dll, and
that version works, so I guess, it’s safe to assume the cygwin
part is the cause of trouble here.
Well… I suppose, I will continue on the native windows version,
and add IPv6 support later. Both and don’t seem
to have IPv6 enabled servers anyways, so, it won’t hurt much
to leave that support out for the time being. For now, the library
had basic scobble support, as in, it submits, but doesn’t process
the server reply yet, and other stuff lacking too, that will need
to be fixed before I can release a binary version of this app.
Also, there are no plugins available yet. I suppose, I will look at
those after the scrobbler library is finished. I will have to look
at some IPC. Still not sure what I will do there, since I like to
keep it portable, but on the other hand, a platform specific
implementation could be an option.
There is progress, yes, but there is still a lot to do…

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