So, I’ve been running Windows 7 ever since
the public beta was released. So, first the
beta, later the Release Canditate. And it
ran fine so far. I’ve been running it first on
my Pentium 4 (1,6 Ghz) and installed it later
on my Athlon64 (2,0 Ghz) too. It works nice
and I had nothing to complain about.

So, today I decided to install it on my laptop,
it’s an MSI Wind. Installation went fine, but
very soon, messages about disk corruption
started to pop-up. After running chkdsk,
the problems returned immediately.
It seems Windows 7 is corrupting it’s own
file system.

A Windows Vista beta also did something like
this on my old laptop. I don’t know, but
Windows 7 runs without any problem on
my desktop computers, but it hates my laptop.

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