So, since about an hour ago is my internet connection

using the IP version 6 protocol. My ISP xs4all has been
offering IPv6 for a while now, but just today I decided
to configure it. 
My router doesn’t even support it, 
but that turned out to be no problem at all.
I’ve been using my old laptop as a server,
and it’s running an irc daemon for a while 
now. I’ve configured the IPv6 tunnel
according to the instructions on the xs4all.
Not much about that, just enable IPv6 in
the config file, enter the IPv6 address, and 
the IPv4 address on the other end of the tunnel.
Then I installed radvd, entered my IPv6 address
range in the config file, and without any other
configuration, all my other computers got IPv6
But it’s not only my home that got upgraded,
also got upgrated to IPv6.
As you could have read in my dutch blog, I’ve
obtained a year of free dedicated hosting at OVH.
OVH also offers IPv6 connectivity. Unfortunately,
their servers do not support it out-of-the-box.
A little configuration was required as well, 
their default kernel only supports IPv4. They
use custom pre-compiled kernels. Fortunately,
on their ftp server they also has a IPv6 enabled
version, so I downloaded, configured lilo, and 
rebooted. The kernel support was working,
but still no connectivity. A quick look on their
forums showed the IPv6 address had to be 
assigned manually. After doing to, IPv6 
connectivity was working.

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