19 July 2005…. Today that’s three years ago….
Three years ago was when it all started…
Three years ago…. Lars and I founded a
chatroom and a website… A Chatroom
for the weird people. Three years later,
we celebrate thee years of insanity.
Happy Birthday BlaatSchaap!!!!

Sooo… ’bout yesterday. Well.. in the morning
I went to Roy. A friend I’ve known since primary
school. Reinstalled his computer, and installled
a new hard disk and some more RAM.
Then when I went home and did my show on
Radio BlaatSchaap. Also spoke to Cole in MSN
and he joined the radio show on stickam too.

After the show, back in the normal chatroom,
it was getting near midnight. It was getting
near the time, near the birthday of the sheep.

Even Sara joined the chatroom again, after
not having seen her for months. Oooh it was
good with everyone in the chat again….
well…. almost everyone…. no Shanna :(
Anyways…. it was good in the chat….
just an insane chat conversation with
everyone in there.

I just hope it will be like that for many
years yet to come ;)

want to join us????
join us at : irc.blaatschaap.be #blaatschaap

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