People….people… it’s summer….
Summer in the Netherlands, so off course
it’s raining. So, what to do? Well…..
coding off course!! I’ve stared some
maintainance to last summer’s project,
BlaatBot2007. This year, It’s not a complete
new bot, but rather a continuation of last
years bot, rewriting parts of it to make
new features possible. I am planning to
add features, that I didn’t even think of
when I started the bot. So I need to make
some changes in the design because it’s
incompatible with the features I am
planning to add, like multi server support.

More about this project can be found at
the BlaatSchaap Coding Projects Forum

This is not the only project I am planning
to be working on this summer. But for
the other projects, I’ll need a little research
on wich Graphics Toolkit is the most suitable.

Something I might also be looking at is
setting up an FreeNX server.

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