A little blog opdate, Oh…. busy busy, no time to
blog. Sorry peoples, I should blog a little more,
but I just wonder, where does all my time go.
It clearly shows I’ve been blogging less and less
over the time, when you look at the numbers at
the archive on the right.

Anyways, what has been going on. So let’s start
with last friday. Last friday, Joyce and I went to
Terneuzen, to go to Eileen’s party. Eileen turned
65, and she’s married for 35 years. 35+65=100.
Reason to party, right?

So Joyce and I went there friday, and saturday we
returned back home.

Well… then yesterday. My class at school, we went
to visit a company. It’s called Sioux. We wached
some persentations and had a tour in the office.
Also a demonstation of their latest product, an
electron microscope. Cool device, that I tell you.

Oh well… and my teacher gave me also a little toy.
An USB microcontroller thingie. AT90USB1287 based
board. Nice toy :P

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