Sooooo… this afternoon I’ve posted about my
work placement in Sweden. That was some positive
news. The bad news is, I screwed up my math test.

Last week I was sick the day I had math class, so I
missed it. And my school projects are taking up
a lot of my time, so I hardly have time for my
subjects like math.

This is a point I am really disappointed at my school.
Very few classes, but a lot of projects. I just get the
feeling they don’t want to teach us anymore, just
keep us busy with mind-mumbing activities like
writing documents.

Those mind-numbing activities cause me not to be
able to use my brain when I need it, like in math
class. I really can’t concentrate, and I really don’t
have enough time to prepare for classes, cause I
have things to do for my projects.

The big project, the java projects, and some other
assignments that I have to do seem to take all
my time, and none of those activities feels like
I learn anything from them. That’s why I am disappointed
at school. Because it feels like school maked me dumb.

Anyways, I am creating a website for one of those
school projects. It’s not finished yet.

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