Sooo… I’m back home. I’ve spend last week in Terneuzen,
at Eileen’s place. We went to see The Old Firm live. It’s a
local band over there in Zeeland, but I think they’re pretty
So.. now school stuffs return. The school hired some company
that’s going to do a talk to us tomorrow. *yawn* and that
company send me an email I had to go to a website and
answer a list of 108 questions. Or more like… pick two questions
out of four. One I agree with and one I disagree with. The
problem, quite often I agreed or disagreed with all of them.
Quite annoying, and the questions were quite annoying
themselves. Often the same question rephrased.
I was really sitting here curing at that f****** site.
Annoyed the crap out of me.

My school is stupid anyways…. a school…. without classes….
that’s old fashioned…. right…. what are teachers for?
drinking coffee????

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