Hello reader,

It’s time to update my english blog too. My dutch blog
readers already know about some stuffs that happened
last week.

So… let’s starts one week ago…. 5 april… so… I went
to Randy’s place. It was because his birthday was on
3 april. So… just Randy, Joyce and me playing some
games on the wii, watching youtube videos and stuff
like that.
When I arrived home, noone was home. That was kinda
weird, because they left no note they left of whatsoever.
Then my uncle arrived back home, with a sad message,
Paul died from a heart attack.

His cremation was wednesday. Paul had a real big family.
Most people who were there, I didn’t know them at all.
But well… that was wednesday, and after the cremation,
I went with my uncle and aunt to Aachen.

But well… skipping tuesday, the meeting at the computer
club. Problems: little visitor numbers, and even less
money from the main organisation. So… there is no
more money for readings, so there will even be less
visitors. Changes are this is the last year the club
will meet in the van der valk hotel in Urmond.

Then friday, as usual the 2nd friday of the month,
the meeting of the computer club. Not that much
happened over there. As I said, the visitor numbers
are dropping.
Afterwards as usual, I went to have a beer with
Wim and Lizzie, the people I go to the club with.
We agreed, if the club stops, we’ll still meet up
every month to have a drink and a talk.

Thanks for reading, and till next time,

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