So… now all the nonsense of the past months is
over, I suppose it’s time to start blogging about
normal stuff again. Like school stuff, etc.

So, I’m now a student in class T7. Math is an
optional subject. For the students now in T5
Math is a regular subject, but it was not when
I was in T5. Anyhow, I choose Math as one
of my optional subjects. So… Ralph, who did’t
pass his exams in T4, so he had to do T4 again
when I was in T5, now had the same class as I
did. That Math class. Pffff… I’m talking complicated.
Anyways… so since we had the same class,
and it was our first class today, so, we talked on
MSN yesterday, and we agreed to meet on the
train station in Eindhoven. So, when I was waiting
for him, I met Jaime. He also goes in the same class.
I’ve met him at school before. So stupid, I only found
out his name today. I mean… I liked this person, we’ve
talked sometimes before. I met him in the “blatterhok”.
The room where my class usually works on projects.
But he’s now in the T5 class. So… I met him today
at the train station. I told him I was waiting for Ralph.
So, then we decided to wait for him together, and when
Ralph also arrived, we walked together to the school, and
the class. And the teacher, she showed up late. Math class.
It was more like… the three of us just joking all the time,
and doing other stuff, no math. Jaime showed me some stuff
at his server. How he set it up to auto download some series
he’s watching, like Torchwood. He got a huge collection of
Anime and Science Fiction. *drools* I guess I should get me
another 500 GB external hard disk, and give it to him so he
can put his series on it. He also got a gameserver running.
I agrees on downloading Call of Duty 4, so we could play it
online sometimes. I also told him about my chatroom. I hope
he will show up sometimes. I guess… this is the first time I’ve
really talked to him. Just because, the coincidence made him
go in the same class as me. I guess… Ralph, Jaime and me.
I guess we’ve just going to be, like, just having fun in class.
Gehehe… the math wasn’t that hard anyways.

Anyways…. I got an email from a site, I have been looking
for the past months.
It’s a site for learning eath other languages. I came across
this site like a while ago, but I forgot about the link. I’ve
been looking for it, but couldn’t find it anymore, till today.

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