A dream. That’s all it was. My previous posts.
Nikki. It was just a dream. Everything was fake.
Everything was a lie. There never was a person
with that name. Nikolái Skvortsov. He doesn’t
exsist. Everything “he” told about. All “his”
memories, all the people “he” told about,
they never exsisted. Everything was a lie.
In the end… it turned out “he” is a she.
And she is born here in the Netherlands,
not in Finland. My God, I feel so stupid,
all the things I’ve written als told about
Nikki. A person that was not even real.
I feel stupid for ever mentioning him.
But the dream is over now. Dreams are fake.
Welcome back to reality. Life goes on, and I
should go back going, what a geek like me is
supposed to do. Watch anime, write some code,
hang around on IRC, stuff like that. I might even
start gaming a bit. My God, I feel stupid!

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