So, another blogpost. Wednesday, Ninas 2nd birthday,
and again we see some weird coincidents at the dates,
because is also was Shanna and Patricks 9th month

Then yesterday, I was at joyce. She bought the first
season of Earth Final Conflict on dvd, so we watched
the first four episodes. Oh yeah. Just give me some
good sci-fi to make me happy :) Yes, I am a geek :P

Also I copied some old photos of joyce and me, she
had on her computer, old photos of about one year
ago, when joyce and I were still dating.
I lost all those photos when my hard disk died in may.
The past year, oh well … I wish I had done some things
different, but well, did I have much of a choise?
And well, past is past, we can only move forward, right?

And, lol, I got Joyce also to sign up at

Also, yesterday the “De Hemelpaort” series started at
L1, a series in Limbourgish dialect. The first episode
was aired yesterday, but I couldn’t record it since I
was at Joyce all day. There will be a rerun saturday,
so I will record it then. It’s also available at internet,
at the L1 site, and I have been trying to get the file
to my hard disk all day, but they use sush a ‘weird’
server, ( yes a microsoft server, hooray for proprietary
and patented technology ) So, it can only be viewed using
Windows Media Player, the Microsoft program supplied
with windows, click here to play it, will only work this week,
and only with windows media player, and lots of luck.

Anyways, that’s it for now, thanks for reading again,
toedeloe, cya next time :)

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