Meh … for the past months I am having this weird feeling in my
right wrist, and the past weeks it’s only getting wrose, so I think
I am getting R.S.I.
I’m a GEEK, i can’t afford to get R.S.I. damnit!

Anyways, today another wednesday, so no school today.
Today Joyce’s visiting me, and we went into Sittard first,
( her bus goed to Sittard and there she takes the train to
Beek, but I needed to be in Sittard first, so we met up there )
So, in Sittard I went to the Regenboog ( computer-shop) ,
bought a modem for Bouteina. And then we went to the
Aquamarijn (new-age-shop) looked around a bit and went
to the Bufkes for a snack.

Then we took the train to Beek, and when it arrived in Beek
it was pouring rain. So we were both soaking wet, and the worst
part of it was, just when we got home, the sun started to shine.
Someone up there seems to hate us, gehehehe.

So, well, that’s it for now,
thx for reading again,

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