Well, then here is the post, the one I was supposed to
write the other post, about the note I wrote in the train.

Now, one and a half months after Julia dumped me,
not a day goes by that i don’t think of her, but, what
I realised, I think of the girl I fell in love with in January.
I think about the girls who used to say that I was the
antidote to all her pains, the girl who used to say that
she was additeced to me, and would get withdrawls if
she didn’t talk to me for even just one day.
I love the girl she used to be, kind, understanding,
accepting and loving me for who I was.
But the person she is today, is just a stanger to me,
she changed, I don’t know her anymore,
I still love the girl she used to be, but I realised
the girl I love doesn’t exsist anymore.
Julia dumped me 1,5 months ago, but I lost her months ago.
But the memories, noone can take those away,

I read back at the shared blog Julia and I used to have,
Our Dark Souls.
( It is kinda messed up, after I upgraded to Blogger.com Beta.
Julia’s Posts show up with my name as well, even through I
left the blog back when I was dumped, leaving Julia as blog
admin, it seems, the migration messed that up and made me
the only owner of that blog. Anyways… back then… it was real )

If you want to read the original note, click here

I guess, I can write better stuff while in train, then sitting
in front of my computer.

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