Well, I am now also using the beta of Blogger.com
with gmail account integration and stuff,
and a much easier way to edit the templaten.
I can just add links and stuff, without having to
edit the html template code myself.
This is a beta that i am pleased about,
but there are also some betas that cause

Windows Live Messenger 8.1 BETA
for example.
I installed it, it singed in, everything normal,
restarted computer, signed in again,
and it messed up everything.
It changed my nick to what it used to be a few
months ago, still saying that i love julia.
It messed up my contact list, what used to be
sorted in groups, all groups were emptied, just
everyone was in the default/ungrouped group.
But well… what to expect from a microsoft beta,
were the final products are still buggy it needs
to be patched every week.

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