ZETA 1.21

And I still don’t have it.
Pre-odered it,
but mails from Magnussoft were marked as spam
by my spam filter, so, that is the first problem.
The seccond is all the stuff they need.
I need to send them my original ZETA 1.0
instllation cd, and the invoices.

Back in the yellowTab days, I ordered my cds
at Mensys. Never had problems, just logged in,
ordered my upgrade, payed, and got my cd
a few days later. I was in the computer, they
knew I bought a prevois version, and send me
the cd for the upgrade price.

But now I order the cd at Magnussoft, troubles.

I likes BeOS since I read the first review, and,
I think, yellowTab screwed it up, I hoped
magnussoft could make it better then yT did,
but seeing it to start like this, I am affraid not.

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