Just some random stuff this time.
First, I haven’t smoked for 1 month + 1 week now.

Love, peice and happyness have returned to BlaatSchaap.
To see Lars and Sara like that. Never seen them happier.

And also seeing Julia to have a new bf, Brian, even I have
never talked to him, but just from what I hear from Julia,
they are happy together too.

And also other people around me, oh well, I am happy
for them. To see they are happy, it makes me happy
too, but still, also, it makes me sad, being alone.
I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want somebody to love.

But I don’t see that happen soon, because I am so fucking shy.
I never could just, just say anything about my feelings when
talking to a girl, or something, w/e

Yes, that is silly me again, thanks for reading it anyways,

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