Well … I guess … I can say the news is old now,
There is no more Julia and me. My opinion about
what happened chaged a lot. The very few hours
after it, it changed a lot, and now the days after it,
talking about it to very different persons, who look
at it from a very different point of view. Some people
had a very unique explaination about what happen.
Looking at it, from different points of view. Seeings
things in a way I didn’t think of before. Even including
points of view, that noone mentioned, but still.

I guess I am taking this better then I expected I would.
But … Justin. Justin, he has a really bad time now Sara
left him. I guess, I say this for all BlaatSchapers, if you
need to talk, you can always talk to us.

So, for now. Maybe I am going to create a timeline, with everything
that happened between Julia and me from the start. But
there will be a time missing, because my laptop died in may.
There will be a lot missing from before that date.
But if I have to point a time it started to fade away, it was the
time i got over my depression, wich I suffered from in the time
when I met Julia. Back in the beginning we needed each other.
And, I guess Wouter was right, when he said that we shouldn’t
stay together because we need each ohter, because what
happened after we got over that, when we didn’t need each
other anymore, our feelings started to fade away. Because…
because … we were together for the wrong reasons.

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