I have been a fool, to not see, to not want to see,
that is was over, but the signs were there for months.
How her beautiful singing voice, that sounds of her voice
that used to make me happy and calm, how that voice
turned cold as ice. Almost hurting my ears listening to it.
And when I asked if something was wrong, she said she
had a cold. But what she really ment was her heart was cold.
How she once used to laugh about ‘weeemooo’ but recently
she acted like she didn’t hear it at all.
And so, I can go on, about all little things, that I didn’t see,
that I didn’t want to see, but, all the signs that is was going
to end, they were there already for a while.

I have been a fool in the beginning. What I did back then.
It wasn’t nice at all. Yes, I have been honest, but what I
did wan’t nice at all. The way I left Joyce for Julia. And I
don’t think I deserve a 3rd chance witj Joyce. But right
now, I wish I didn’t leave Joyce in the first place. Joyce,
here, she was here, close to me, real, and I changed that
for a dream, just a line on my screen. I have been a fool.

But now, this morning, when the fresh breeze went through
my hair, I realised how good freedom feels. Yes, I am
free again.

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