So, an update for now, quick one, I was about to go to sleep.
But there are still a few words I would like to post on this day.
See, today would have been the 9th months, if julia and I didn’t
break up the 1st of october. Since then, many things have
happened around BlaatSchaap, and also outside BlaatSchaap.
Not everything that happened is to be mentioned in public,

There were some bad days at BlaatSchaap, but peace and
happyness have returned to BlaatSchaap. And also love,
Sara and Lars now. Oh well… when I told Joyce, I knew
she wouldn’t beleive it, it was quitte funny on skype.
Anyways, much happyness to the new couple.

And an other couple I want to wish much happyness is
Julia and Brian. Maybe some of you may think it is weird
that i do so, but, even through I still love her, what I want
is her to be happy, and if that is without me, then that is fine.
Just be happy, that is all I ask them for.

love you all,
and till the next post :)

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