another blogspot… so … why do people always judge
what they don’t understand ? But I guess, that is
something in human’s nature…
Anyways … for what is going on for the past week,
for what someone said to me, I want to tell you
something about who i was till last summer I guess,
Back in that time, I had no friends, and I was
disappointent in people. I was disappointent, and
I didn’t want to show them the real me, that is why
I was behaving the way I did back then, being
unpredictable, acting crazy, to hide myself, that
is why I was like that back then, but I have changed,
I am learning to trust people again, but events like
what happened yesterday, I have to be carefull not
to loose that trust again, but then again, the people
I am talking about, well, they don’t really know me,
just talked to them on msn maybe a few times, so.
That is what I started with, about judging, they
never talked to me, they don’t know me, but they
are judging already, about something they don’t know
about, and that is just frustrating, but again, judging
is in human’s nature, and I guess I don’t blaim then,
because, before what happened the past three months,
I don’t know if i could beleive it myself, so, people,
please, don’t judge what you don’t understand, and
don’t mess with other people’s bussiness, thanks.

So now back to now, at school, our project, we are
about to finish it, so, thank you for reading, and
i’ll keep you updated,

love ya all

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