so.. this is kinda a contiuation of my previous post.
I miss the way things used to be in the past…
But well, I am still happy, don’t worry about that,
but still … I miss the past.
I miss how it used to be at blaatschaap, or before
at skyos … I miss the old nuky, when he still was funny,
we had great times, back then.
I miss the way it used to be at demos ( my student union )
, before the christmas break, when Tom, Chloé, Peter and
Damiën still came there, I kinda miss them.
Or to go even more back in the past, I miss the time
I still lived with my father, back in the time I was
still a kid, we had this ‘club’ the ‘Magriet-Irene’
it was named that way, because we all lived in the
‘Magrietstraat’ or the ‘Irenestraat’ … The good old
times …
Maybe I just miss them now, because I am happy,
and that feeling remembers me of the good times,

But well … enough past now … time for now,
our school project is about to finish, and then we
have tests… so … even some less plesant things
happened yesterday, I am still happy, and I hope
it will stay that way for a long time, so,
that was today’s seccond blogpost,

love ya all.

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