I must say, I think this Operating System
is slow as shit. I am used to ArchLinux,
that is responsive on my machine. But
OpenIndiana is slow, even when I compare
it to that Microsoft OS.

Another problem I showed up was running
low on Swap space. During installation, I was
only asked for one partition. Since this is a
Solaris OS, it created slices within this

It turned out, it was using only a swap
of 512 MB, while my system has 1024 MB
of physical memory available.

A quick google told me, resizing the swap
can be done on the fly.
This solved the out of memory problems
I was experiencing in the packet manager.

Still, the OS responses slowly, and the
pre-compiled software availability is
rather low (compared to an Linux distro)

Some more software is available from
http://www.blastwave.org/ but it seems
there is outdated software in on there.
For example vlc version 0.8.6f, which
appearently has problem with the playback
of the MPEG4 codec. It’s not the video
output since videos using the h264 codec
have correct playback.

I was thinking about compiling the current
version of VLC for my OpenIndiana, but I’ m
note sure, this Operating System feels so
unresponsive that it’s no fun anymore.

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