I am not quite happy yet with my last post. As I think, it doesn’t really capture my ideas yet.

First of all, it can be read as such, as if it were written from my personal point of view. “What’s wrong with that?”, you might ask. Well… there is nothing wrong with expressing my personal point of view, but why would I put that here on my blog. If this was supposed to be something between me and Joshua, it would
be sent to him in an email or other private means of communication.

What I am trying to do is, to present an idea, a concept. An alternative way of human interaction, an alternative way of life. Re-designing the society, the world. Well… just a suggstion, an idea.

Another thing to notice about my previous post, well… another thing I would like to point out about my previous post, it’s due a concept missing in the English langauge, (and every other language I speak too) which makes it difficult to express a part of my ideas. If you look at my previous post, you see me using the word he to refer to the person I love. If it were a personal post it wouldn’t be a problem to do that, but if I were to write the general idea… The English language misses a gender-neutral word to refer to a person. I could write he/she, but that would just draw attention to the gender, in stead of ignoring it. And to continue the question I have asked in an earlier post, how does language influence our thinking?, I suggest that gender discrimination is a result of this lack of a gender-neutral word to refer to a person. Those words, he and she, it creates a way of thinking that discriminates… since there is no word in the language that gives an alternative not to do so….

(note: it might be possible with more complex grammatical constructions, but not with a single word, and that is the point I am trying to make)

So.. what I am trying to say, in the model I am describing in previous post, I wish to express how persons relate to each other. In this model, I do not wish to let gender play any role. To say it simple, in this model, the ‘default orientation’ would be bisexual. The reason is to treat everyone equal, regardless the gender.

Okay, you might say, that’s not what the world is like. And yes, that’s true. But is it? Aren’t we all raised with the idea heterosexuality is the default? That this is how we are expected to behave? How big is this influence on what we actually turn out to be? There are people who suggest that everyone is actually bisexual, but we’ve learned to be heterosexual. Assuming this is true, then the suggested model would make sense, right?

Apart from that, you might ask the question What is love?