I was planning to swap the CPU’s of two computers, but I had to abort the plans. I assumed both machines were AMD Athlon 64 machines. But upon closer inspection,
it turned out one of the machines was an AMD Athlon, the earlier 32-bit CPU. Therefore, they have incompatible motherboards, and therefore, the plan is aborted.

The reason behind all of this. My AMD Athlon 64 machine is limited to 1 GB of RAM. The motherboard works fine with 1 memory module installed, but as soon as I insert a second memory module, it won’t even initialise the graphics card. A motherboard I once traded for a bottle of whisky. Anyways, I’ve gotten another working AMD system. I have only used it once or twice, and I thought it contained an AMD Athlon 64 CPU as well, but on closer inspection, it tured out to be an AMD Athlon.

Well… seems that plan got busted. Anyhow… the said machine will get its hard disks wiped and a clean install will be performed. I might just use the same trick as I’ve used on my laptop. Just unpack the root file system from a working installation. I might also install DUET, a loadable UEFI for BIOS based systems.