Oh my… it is March and I am writing the first post of the year on this blog… I suppose I am not blogging here as much as I used to. And the reasons for that… my blogging has been decling for over the past 5 years I suppose…

Anyhow, this year, last month, I’ve been on vacation to the states. Last year I’ve gotten my master’s degree… and now… now I have been coding a bit… my little project, the OAuth plugin for WordPress… And there is a little bug that keeps me puzzled. I have an SQL query, and I have the WordPress database class. The WordPress Database class, it creates the query just fine (sort of prepared statements). I can print the query, and when I copy-paste it to mysql, it shows the results. However, when I ask the WordPress Database class for the results, it fails, no error message, nothing, just an empty Array is the result.

Anyone got any ideas what the fuck is going on? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/28797286/query-does-not-return-results-in-wordpress-but-running-manually-does

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