From my previous post, you’re been able to read I am trying to cross compile and set up an AVR32 system. I have been trying some things and learning about cross compiling. I realise, last post was written from my notes, and may appear a little messy. I have make some progress, and learned how to do things, and realise I should have dome some things differently then my first attempt.

I have decided to create two kinds of posts for this topic. First will be a how-to guide. Just step-by-step guide to re-create the cross-compiler, the grasshopper root-fs, and possibly what I might create in my next steps. I am trying to set up a distcc based cross compile system, using ArchLinux’ pacman package manager and its package build utility makepkg, which has native distcc support. But it is still a long road before that works.

Apart from that, I will create a separate post with pitfalls. During this project I have come across certain error messages, which, of course, I have asked Google. Therefore I think it’s important to post those errors so it can be found.

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