Yesterday, my new Fritz!BOX 7360 arrived. This afternoon I hooked it up. All Fritz!BOXes use the same power adaptor, so just swapping the cables is enough. At first, it didn’t synchronise, but when I tried to configure it again, it worked fine. However, it didn’t obtain an IPv6 address.

26.01.13 12:42:10 Could not obtain IPv6 prefix. Reason for error: 0 ()
26.01.13 12:38:48 Internet connection established successfully. IP address:, DNS server: and, Gateway:
26.01.13 12:38:45 DSL is available (DSL synchronization exists with 16392/924 kbit/s).
26.01.13 12:38:30 DSL synchronization starting (training).

Actually, this is expected behaviour. I have learned this from the discussions on the IPv6 Pilot mailing list, of which I was part. When one connects a different device to the IPv6 line, it can take over an hour to obtain an IPv6 address. The ISP has still cached the old modem, and will only give out an IPv6 address when the cache expires. I am aware of this behaviour, however, it was nowhere mentioned in any documentation provided with the new modem.

26.01.13 13:45:51 IPv6 prefix obtained successfully. New prefix: 2001:980:55e0::/48
26.01.13 13:45:51 IPv6 Internet connection established successfully. IP address: 2001:980:55e0::1

In the end, everything works as expected. Even though it only has one analogue phone port. But that phone port works perfectly fine with pulse dialing, so there ain’t any problem there. I am supposed to have a double plug somewhere to connect both phones. However, as these are phones with physical bells, I wonder if the Fritz!BOX provides enough power to ring them both. (In the old configuration, they used to ring one at a time)

Anyhow, next Tuesday my connection is supposed to be converted to VDSL.

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