For quite a while, I have been using hexchat in stead of xchat on my laptop. Hexchat is a fork of xchat. Basically, there is nothing wrong with xchat, but its latest release was in May 2010. Hexchat started out as XChat-WDK, which was a windows build of xchat, with some Windows-specific patches. But since the original xchat seems to be no longer under active development, they went multi-platform. Hence the need for a namechange as the W from WDK means Windows. Well…. this is not my story to tell anyway. Just providing a little background information.
Look over here for the announcement. (it’s on facebook, so don’t click when you’re paranoid)

Anyhow, it wasn’t installed yet on my desktop machine (blaatkonijn.) Migration from xchat to hexchat, here we go:

[andre@blaatkonijn ~]$ cd .config
[andre@blaatkonijn .config]$ ls -n ~/.xchat hexchat
[andre@blaatkonijn hexchat]$ ln -s xchat.conf hexchat.conf
[andre@blaatkonijn hexchat]$ ln -s xchatlogs/ logs

In earlier builds, the config file was still called xchat.conf, but it got recently renamed. I was like, wtf?!? after an update as my settings were gone. Anyhow, I discovered the namechange of the config file.

Anyhow, I could just have moved and renamed all the config files, however, when creating just symlinks, I remain compatible with the original xchat, meaning I could start that as well if I wanted to.

Another note: freenode has a slow nickserv. This causes messages like

-NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify .
* #raspberrypi :Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services

and seeing in the one-but-last channel to join

-NickServ- You are now identified for AndrevS.

The solution for this problem, to increase the delay between connect and joining the channels

/set irc_join_delay 10
irc_join_delay set to: 10 (was: 3)

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