Sorry for the delay. I have been planning to do this for a while, but here it is: A few instructions how to get up a PirateBay proxy. I realise there are tons of these online already. However, some of them are outdated or incomplete. This guide explains how to configure an ArchLinux based Apache installation to run a piratebay proxy.

This site explains some theory about reverse proxies, however, it is outdated, and the mod_xml2enc seems no longer required. I haven’t been able to find this anyways, so knowing you don’t have to look for that, is already the first step.

This article explains a configuration, but is outdated (uses the .org in stead of the .se domain for example) In the comments there is a link to a github project containing an up-to-date configuration. However, this configuration contains some debian-specific stuff, which has to be uncommented in order to run on an ArchLinux installation. It also contains

Install mod_proxy_html from AUR

yaourt -S mod_proxy_html

During my earlier attempt, I confused it with mod_proxy_http, which was the reason my it failed.

Use configuration from:

  • Change the ServerAlias to the desired (sub)domain
  • Uncomment
    Include /etc/apache2/sites-available/rule-*
    as this is specific to a debian configuration.
  • Uncomment Auth stuff to enable public access.

As the configuration is proviced in a rather lenghty file, which some configuration options at top,
you can save it to a reparate file, and include it from httpd-vhosts.conf. Please note the path
is relative to /etc/httpd and not the directory of the current file, so, it would become something like

Include conf/extra/httpd-thepiratebay.conf

Please note: this configuration is not perfect. There are little issues, such as the image on the front page
not being displayed correctly.


P.S. I am way behind on everything, including this blog: I still have to explain how to set up a git repository using gitosis, perhaps write something about gcj, also I am still trying to figure out eiskaltdcpp from AUR, specifically how to tweak the PKGBUILD to build the CLI and DAEMON correctly, and perhaps write something about R. Butttt I have been busy busy busy lately. Sorry to keep you waiting.

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