So it seems, starting today, XS4ALL is blocking ThePirateBay (due the lawsuit by BREIN)

Since they’re also blocking IP addresses, the hosts file is no solution. I was already making some plans, which involve making an entry in the routing table to my server, and enable routing ip forwarding on my server…. however, how is traffic supposed to go back. Let’s hope they’re only blocking it on the outgoing direction….

But the solution is much simpler… looking at the screenshot…. it doesn’t list all mirrors of ThePirateBay…. so… ThePirateBay still works… You just have to use a different url.

However, today is still a black day in the history of the internet. The internet in my country is being censored. Even though, I pointed out BREINs attempt wasn’t successful, that doesn’t matter. The internet is being censored in my country. Welcome to the new China.


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