The year 2011 has come to an end, and 2012 is about to begin. Time to look back at the past year. What has 2011 meant to me? It has been a positive year, I have been feeling much better then I did in 2010. I realise I skipped my review of 2010 last year, simply because I wasn’t feeling well enough to write it.

I have to thank Joshua Phelps for what he meant to me in 2010. He was a light in the darkness, a sign there are still good people in this world, in a time I gave up on humanity. We’ve helped each other a lot…. 13 may 2010… that was the day I confessed my feelings for him. Yeah… we were madly in love with each other, but we never had a relationship. Josh and me, the way I used to describe us, no relationship, just love, pure love. And even though situations have changed, Josh is still one of my best friends. True love never ends.

The people you meet on the path of life, some of them walk with you just a little while, some just show you a direction to go, and then their task is complete, others stay with you all your life. Some people are with you for years, and only then it becomes clear why.

In may I wrote three posts in my blog called “Trust, freedom and Love”, in which I talked about what love means to me, and perhaps these posts explain what I meant by no relationship, just love.

Another series of posts in my blog in the past year was “Life”. Note, this is not about my life, but about life means in a broader view. Perhaps I could also mention a topic I wrote a few posts about in 2010, vegetarians, which comes down to asking the question if the life of an animal has more value then the life of a plant. I wish to respect plant and animal life equally, and therefore I am not a vegetarian. (but I do eat vegetarian food frequently)

I am mentioning vegetarians again, since in 2011 I have made new friend and acquaintances who are vegetarian, and so that’s why I am mentioning the topic again.

Spring 2011… the revolution began in the Arabic world. It was soon called the Arabic Spring, and various alternative news sources predicted an European Summer. Summer came, and nothing happened. But when it ended, the Occupy Wall Street started. And soon the Occupy movement speak through the world.

And so the Occupy movement arrived in my country. The 15th of October I went to the Hague, where I went to the demonstration with Bianca. It was amazing. It was like the moment I had been waiting for all my life. Some childhood memories came back too, as a kid on the primary school, I knew I would be part of the, what I used to call, the resistance.

That afternoon in the Hague, when the group of protesters was at “het plein” (The Hague’s main Square)… we were lying on the square in a group hug. People we never met before, just like that. Amazing. Things like that give me back hope. Hope for humanity. Things like love still exist. And new friends… yeah… I am glad to have met Maikel there.

One week later, Occupy Amsterdam. Oh, it felt like magic again. But whenever I am in Amsterdam, that city, it has a certain feeling. But… sitting in that tent, looking through the door, seeing people hoops dancing, behind them, tents… behind the tents, high building, and then the lights of the fair. That combination, it was like magic. It has been an honour to be there. To be part of it.

In my own City, Eindhoven. The Occupy movement hadn’t arrived yet. I started poking around on the Internet, but since I don’t come from this city, I didn’t know many people around here who would be interested in starting an occupation. But soon people started gathering on facebook, and the first meeting was planned…. and the 5th of november, Occupy Eindhoven was a fact. I am offering Occupy Eindhoven some space on my server to host the website and email. I have been interviewed by a local tv station (Oproep Brabant) and I am mentioned in the local newspaper (Eindhovens Dagblad) 


I must say, Occupy Eindhoven feels different. It’s not that magical as Amsterdam. Perhaps because it’s smaller? Perhaps because I am more involved, while in Amsterdam I was a visitor. But I also must say I’ve made some awesome friends, also here in Eindhoven.

Occupy Eindhoven started at the Clausplein. We got an extention for our permit once, but then we were forced to move to a different location. Oh, I miss the Clausplein. It was like my home. Yeah…. in the first weeks I slept there. But now on the new location, I am not present as often as I used to on the old location. Of couse, studying is taking up more time now, but still… 

And now, my message, my message for Occupy, my message for the new year, and the future in general. It’s my believe people have forgotten to care about each other. People care about possessions, about power and money. But what really matters is people. Love is the key to a better feature. To truly care about each other, to give to those in need, and expect nothing in return. Nothing but love and kindness. You never know when the roles will be reversed.

To both The Hague and Amsterdam, I had a Free Hugs sign with me. On the afternoon before Christmas, I took part of the free hugs event here in Eindhoven. I was looking for a picture of me taken during the event, but I can’t find it, unfortunately.

So, I wish you all lots of love, peace and happiness in 2012!

My dear blog readers, I love you all!

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