The blaatschaap server has been down since yesterday 22:30.I have been a quite stupid system admin, who in stead of shutting down his laptop, shut down his server. A not so smart action. Anyhow. At first this issue seemed to have caused a downtime of just half an hour, the time it took to go home, logged in to the web interface and booted up the server.

However, during the night, the server had been rebooting a couple of times, and it seems to be stuck in a continuous reboot loop for some reason. The configuration hasn’t changed or anything, just a reboot, and now it’s acting up like crazy. I have contacted the server company about this issue.

Now, please keep in mind, a few months ago, one night, the server was rebooted for no apparent reason, and back then I contacted the server company and they claimed they didn’t do it either.

Anyhow… A temporary server has been set up, thanks to my friend Pieter. I spend two hours configuring some basic stuff. For now, at least I will be capable of receiving emails on my email address, and there is an IRC server running again on

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