You might ask the question What is love?

That were the last words from my previous post.I’ve been talking above love for two posts, but what am I talking about?

This post will be from a personal point of view, okay? Let me take you back into the past. Imagine me, a little over five years ago.Depressed me. Asking, What is love?, my answer would be. Someone who can make me feel better, no matter how bad I feel.
Little over 5 years ago that was Julia.
Little over a yeas ago that was Joshua.

They were there for me when I needed someone, but is that enough to be called love?.
Nah… there are more people who supported me when I was feeling down, but only someone I love could make me feel better.

What am I doing? I was supposed to write about love, and now I am talking about depression? Uhm… yes, I am. But my point is, love can be so strong that it can make me forget how bad I felt. Just talking is enough…

So… where was I? Oh, right, I was talking about love. I want to make the person I love happy… that’s an answer.

Make them happy, make me happy. Yes, that’s what love is about, about happiness.

I want the person I love to be happy, right? Love is about making him happy. So, wouldn’t
it be logical to say, he should be loved by more people then just me? More people trying
to make him happy. I want him to be happy.

Seems very simple, right?

Also I would like to link to Joshua’s blog about love.

Still… I don’t feel like I have answered the question. I have given some things about love,
about when you love someone, but what is this love? What do I love about a person?

Well, one could argue if looks be an answer. Perhaps it would play a role deciding if you
would start talking to a person. But just good looks aren’t enough.

What makes the difference, your attitude to me, do you respect me, accept me the way I am?
But also, your thoughts and ideas. How close are they to mine? Your personality. I love and have loved different people, different personalities. Very different, indeed,
but their attitude towards me is important, accepting me for who I am.

To love and to be loved. Someone who cares about me, who cheers me up when I am sad. When someone I love is sad I want to make him happy again. Perhaps I want to be close to them even more when I know they are sad.

Comforting someone I love, crying on my shoulder… to me… I don’t want you to be sad, but if I am the one you come to for comfort, if you trust me to show me your weak spot, that would mean a lot to me. Perhaps, someone I love crying on my shoulder is more intimate then having sex? I don’t want you to be sad, of course. But when you are I want to be the one to comfort you.

Why am I starting to talk about sadness again? To make the person I love happy is the most important when they are not. That’s why… because I want to make a difference in their lives.

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