I don’t completely live under a rock. The news Bin Laden has been killed has also reached my world. Also, referring to my previous posts about life… people celebrating his death? Can killing a human being be a good thing? Apparently so…

Who is good? Who is evil? It will depend on the point of view of the person speaking. And history book are written by, guess who, those who won the war? What if…. what if Hitler won the war? What would be written in history books if that was the case? What would it say about the United Kingdom, or the United Stated, or Russia? It’s all relative….

But this time I didn’t want to discuss Bin Laden or Hitler, but rather their consequences on society. Well… Hitler…. the European Union is a direct result of the war… so much said. But these were event from before I was born… and it’s not what I am concerned about right now.

So… let’s discuss Bin Laden… or rather… 9/11 (weird american notation… always confuses us europeans…. “huh, what about 9 november?”)
I mean… what happened after? New security laws, measurement, by the governments, to ensure the people’s safety. And the people accepted. It was for their protection after all. Measurements, they would never have accepted, if nothing happened. But, scaring them apparently is enough to make then give up their freedom, their rights. What good is your freedom when you’re dead? right?

But how far do these measurements go? The USA can check the bank accounts of all EU civilians. WTF??? Why must the USA know how much money I have? And how I spend it? And when I want to travel to the USA? These ESTA forms? All these questions I have to answer before I am allowed to enter the country? And, as some of my relatives who have been there told me, also an interrogation when you arrive. Like a criminal…. yes, dear USA, are we all criminals?

Well.. Bin Laden has been killed? Can we stop all this bullshit now? Please? Of course that is not going to happen. I just think Bin Laden was killed because the word terrorism didn’t scare people anymore. They got used to it…

So… the governments need another tool, another reason for people to accept new laws and measurements that restrict peoples privacy and rights. Censorship in the USA? Yes, sites that are taken down, because they, for example, infringe copyright. Aaaah…. copyright…. being used for the purpose it was once invented: censorship!

Still, this approach gets a lot of resistance…. so what else to do? Well… a closer look at some news for the past time might reveal the answer. Along with something from the historic archives. Imagine what the world was like…. in 1990? (thinks… 1990? perhaps that was the year I’ve been to the USA, not sure) Well… look at this What do you think? Do you think something like that would be acceptable anno 2011?

Oh… in 2011… people will start screaming CHILD PORN!!!! well… not that extreme, I suppose, but still… I think the people’s opinion of what’s acceptable has been changed. Why? And were the people influenced on purpose to change their opinions?

I am not the first one to say this: Child porn is ‘the new terrorism’. The new thing to make people give up their rights. New laws to block child porn from the internet have been proposed in the recent past. People like me will scream CENSORSHIP! But the masses don’t seem to notice the dangers of such laws…. like in France… where sites can be blocked, without a Judges approval. I am glad our government voted against such law. Also, I am glad with my ISP, XS4ALL, who will always object and make their points when a law that might restricting people’s freedom and rights is proposed.

Also, the proposal to outlaw encryption , and to make the general public buy it, they say they’ve arrested some guy with a huge collection of encrypted child pornography. And so they say, to prevent child pornography, encryption should be illegal. Really? Let’s make cars illegal, since they can be used to kill people.

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