Freedom… what does it mean…. does such a thing even exist?

Doing whatever you want? Going where ever you want?

Well… let’s say, I want to go to the moon. Can I?
I guess not…. but does that mean I am not free?
Nah… It’s just not possible to go to the moon like that.
Neither on earth can I go where ever I want, I cannot
just walk into any people’s house just like that,
but that also has not so much to do with freedom.

No, the problem with freedom has not that much
to do with going somewhere, but more with doing.

Let’s say, both you and me are free to do whatever
we want, right? If I am free to do whatever I want,
let’s suppose I want to lock you up… I am free to
do whatever I want, so I would be free to lock
you up….. but then you wouldn’t be free any more
to do whatever you want, would you?

And so, freedom, defined by doing whatever you
want is in conflict with it’s own definition…

So…. what does freedom mean? Is there such a thing?
Perhaps freedom should be considered in context only?

What does it mean???

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