Appearently, Blogger didn’t post the full
text I typed for some reason….

I will have to rewrite everything again.

Some additions to the audio tag story
and about cross domain scripting.

So, opera, chrome and firefox will handle the
radio stream correctly now. So, it might still
be usable after all. The caching problem might
be fixed by patching IceCast2’s http response
headers. I was thinking about patching them
anyways, as I’ve been looking into some
headers related to the XMLHttpRequest
javascript object.

As, for security reasons, cross site scripting is
not allowed. The XMLHttpRequest is very
strict about his. Must be same domain and port.
Same server different port, or a subdomain is not
allowed. I have been looking at this before,
without success. Even a redirect by HTTP
header doesn’t get around this

When using flash, one must run an application at
the server that listens on port 843.
( see )
Due it listens on a port below 1024, one must
have root access to the webserver to set this up.

I have been looking for a simular thing for
JavaScirpt without success, but I found our
JavaScript takes a totally different approach.

I’ve found out about this by looking at Chrome’s
JavaScript console. It turnes our, the receiving
HTTP server is supposed to set a certain header
to tell JavaScript it’s allowed to do a cross site
XMLHttpRequest. See:

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