Appearently my Tumblr account has been suspended.
I assume this is because of reblogging copyrighted
material, since I recently started reblogging images
with a site logo on them. In the past I used to ignore
those, and I think it would have been better if I hadn’t
changed my mind about them.
A number of the people I used to follow on Tumblr
has been suspended as well. I will continue to follow
some of the people still alive on Tumblr using
the RSS feed Tumblr offers.

Apart from that, I am planning to add Tumblr-like
functionality to BlaatSchaap ‘live’ anyways. I had
been thinking about this before, and I was planning
to add an ‘export to Tumblr’ feature. (if possible,
I haven’t looked into their API yet) I guess, no
exporting anymore ;) Importing should still be
possible through RSS feed. But this will be a
general RSS feed feature, not Tumblr specific.

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