Just some thoughts… BlaatSchaap… and it’s
planned ‘reblog’ feature. Since I’ve been suspended
from Tumblr, this feature has moved up in the feature
priority list.

I am thinking about two kinds of reblogs. A regular reblog,
which will be accessible through the regular access sceme.
(public, frinds only, or specific friendlists)

Still… doing this creates the situation of having a
‘facebook’ and a ‘tumblr’ on one site. There is a
reason there is an ‘unwritten rule’ not to link your
Tumblr on Facebook. For this reason, I am thinking
about an anonymous public accessable reblog.

Well… how will it work… on FaceBook, we have
this ‘like’ feature. I am thinking about, on BlaatSchaap,
‘liking’ a photo will add it to a reblog.
See it like an album of ‘liked’ photos across the site.

Well.. what about external images, as you can
enter an url on Tumblr to add to your tumblrblog.

So, I am thinking about downloading them to the
server and keeping the original URL as source
on the server.

Even more, support for RSS feeds might be added
as well, as I’ve mentioned before… well… the idea
is to display the content of the RSS feeds you’ve
subscribed to and then you can click the photos
you wish to add to your reblog. Basically the same
as following someone on Tumblr itself.

The thing I’ll have to think about, is reblogging
between anonymous and regular reblogs, as
with a regular blog, I will just display the username,
but for an anonymous blog, I will display the blogname.
I am thinking what will happen when a user changes
the type between regular and anonymous.

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