Sooo…. as my facebook friends might
already know through my status updates,
I am at my dad’s place, in Point, a town
near Munich.

So, I arrived here last sunday, and I will
leave next sunday, since my classes start
again on monday.

So, monday we (My dad, Yolande and me) went
to the botanic garden (Botanischer Garten)
and Nymphenburg castle. I have uploaded
photos to Facebook and MyOpera. I guess
I’ll upload them to Hyves as well.

I’ve made some more photos in Munich
yesterday, but I will upload them later.

I am using my dads laptop now. He’s using
an UMTS modem, since there is no fixed
line possible where he lives.

I can’t use my own internet now, since I
am already through my roaming data limit.
Yeah, that new european law that limits the
maximal costs for roaming data traffic kicked

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