So… I wrote something about religion a while ago, and I promised to write some more about the subject.

Right… so… let me take you back to a time when I was a wiccan. I had a friend, who didn’t accept my religion, a friend who said I was being deceived by the devil himself. A friend who asked me if I wasn’t affraid I wouldn’t burn in hell for not believing in his God.

Later, it turned out this friend was being brainwashed by this sect. He managed to get out of this sect, but then, he was talking to me, talking about returning there. In that sect, he felt like he found a place where people cared about him, a place where he had friends.

But when he was out, he was all alone again, alone against he big bad world. And even though in that sect he didn’t have freedom. The music he liked to listen, and the music he liked to make himself, was being disapproved, for example. But still, he was thinking about going back there…

What does this mean??? What does it mean??? Maybe it’s not about believing in their God at all, maybe it’s just about belonging somewhere, to belong to a group. To be accepted… But in the end, to be accepted for someone you are not.

To belong somewhere, to be accepted, isn’t that what turned Christianity to it’s success in it’s early days. Yes, there have been the days of the Inquisition where non-believers were being punished, but before that?

The image of the devil was created after the Gods of the old religions. So, after converting enough people, peer pressure would persuide the ones not converted yet, and even…. made them prepared to kill those who didn’t believe in their new God.

Also, I wonder, what was the world like, before Christianity was forced upon the people. Things like marriage were things done by the Church in the early days. But what were relationships like before Christianity? Christianity promoted monogamous relationships, right? But were
they like that before Christianity?

Now, let me take a little detour to science fiction, okay? Star Trek: Enterprise. On board of this Enterprise, there is this Doctor Phlox, a Denobulan. In the Star Trek: Enterprise series, there are a few episodes in wich the Denobulan society, and their polygamous relationships have a role.

The way I watch the Star Trek series, and observe the different social structures of different species, makes me think sometimes as a reflection of our own. It makes me sometimes think they were created to question our own.

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