As you might now, before I started university,
I had a job at a software company. But I wasn’t
happy at that place.

I think my work was boring and below my skill
level. Also, my colleagues were part of the
problem. It’s not that they weren’t nice people.
Please don’t understand me wrong, they haven’t
done anything wrong. It’s just, they were so
different from me, their way of thinking, that
I just felt so left out. I didn’t belong to that place.

As for my job, I think, the most important thing that
was wrong with it is that I could do anything creative.
I was just adjusting the interface to the new style,
making some templates for reports, and stuff. I mean
pretty boring…. and mind-numbing ,,, depressing.

When I was doing my thesis work in Sweden,
I mean, the stuff I did there, I had my freedom
to be creative, and to find my own solutions to
the task I had to do. I liked the atmosphere there.
Working on the OpenLabs project was fun, and I
can imagine working on a place like that.

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