So, yeah, I got this BeagleBoard for a while now.
The problem is just, with this job I hardly got
any time to do stuff. After work I am just too
tired to do much stuff. Anyways, so, my BeagleBoard.

Since all my monitors had a VGA interface, and the
BeagleBoard only support DVI-D interface, I needed
a converter or a new monitor. The converters
are ridiculously expensive. Why is an external DAC
so expensive, while they are integrated in any
cheap-ass video card?? Anyways, at my work, we got
new monitors, so I could buy an old monitor with
DVI interface for cheap.

It’s native resolution is 1280×1024…. So far so good,
I tried to set my BeagleBoard to that resolution, but,
my monitor kept complaining about the signal to be out
of range. Why? The resolution is it’s native resolution.
So… Why was the monitor still complaining. The board
is supposed to support that resolution. 1
After a little googleling around, it turns out, the
refresh rate for this resolution is too low. This is my
first experience with DVI, but I was assuming refresh
rate was no more relevant, since an LCD display has
no physical refresh rate, there is no electron cannon
anymore. But it seems otherwise. So, until there will
be an updated driver that allows running a higher
refresh rate. (The pixel clock should be able to get
as high as 86.5 MHz, but is limited to 72 Mhz by the
current driver, it seems)
So, for now, I cannot get it working at my monitors
optimal resolution.

At the moment I am using Debian for ARM cpu on
the BeagleBoard. This is compiled for general ARM
cpus and contain no optimizations for my CPU, but
after a little googleing, I found 2 The Pandora uses
the same CPU as the BeagleBoard, so this should
be usable for the BeagleBoard as well.

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