So, I bought two modules of DDR RAM

and a Radeon HD2400 Pro Video Card.
I read in the computer magazine PC-Active
that is video card supports hardware
h.264 decoding. So I was interested in
this card. Usually I would have bought
an Nvidia card, but since the webshop
I usually buy computer hardware didn’t
have a suitable Nvidia card with an AGP
slot, I had to take the ATI one.
And yes, it causes trouble, no it doesn’t
work. As soon as it tried to enable the
graphics, the computer freezes. I already
updated my BIOS to the latest version,
but it wouldn’t help.
It’s not the cards fault, because I tried it
in my older computer, and there it works
fine. So, this seems to be a compatibility
error with the Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 mainboard.
It works fine with an ASUS P4T-F mainboard.
But now I have this situation, the older computer
with a better video card then the newer computer.
This is a kinda useless situation.
The Gigabyte mainboard is also having trouble
when I want to add some more memory to it.
It just refuses to work with more then one
memory module installed, but it doesn’t seem
to care which one it is, as long as it is one module.
So, it seems not to be an incomatibility with my
new memory module, since it works also with
just one of the new modules installed.

Edit: the ATI video card is also causing trouble
on the other mainboard. It works but it refuses
to enable the TV-out. It sees the TV, but
enabling it fails. I should never buy an ATI
video card again, nothing but trouble :/
…. but I could not find a Gefore 8 series
video card with AGP interface…..

Edit2: It now works, now I connected my monitor
using a DVI-to-VGA adaptor on the DVI port.
It seems the card is using some funny wirering
that only enabled tv output when the monitor is
connected to the DVI port, and disables it on the
other port.

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