Everyone in this world should now it by now

there is an economical crisis.
But who’s to blaim for this misfortune?
Who’s to blaim for the fact many people
lost their jobs? Is it the USA to blaim?
Or who should be blaimed??
Well… if you ask me, the media should
be blaimed. Radio, TV, newspapers…
Every day they are talking about this
damn crisis. That’s when the real crisis
By telling people there is a crisis, they
start acting like it, causing the crisis.
By telling people there is a crisis. they
stop spending money. So the shops
won’t sell, so the fabrics won’t
produce so they need to fire people.
So, in the end, I blaim the media they
kept reporting the crisis, to actually
have caused the crisis.
Yes, there was a problem to begin with,
but it went out of control, which should
not have happened, if the media didn’t 
report about the problem so extensive
as they did.
The crisis exsist in the minds of the people,
when you control what the people think,
you control reality.
So, who caused this crisis. The media? 
Are they really to blaim? Or are they
just being used, as everyone else.
In the end, I am just thinking who’s got
an advantage by this crisis. I have no clue
who could possibly have an advantage with
this crisis. So is it just the media after
all? Just to have some ‘sensational news’ to
report? Or is there more behind this crisis?

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